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Master oud player Ahmed Mukhtar Oud joins forces with flamenco guitaristIgnacio Lusardi MonteverdeThe Old Church, Stoke Newington in London, Friday 27th January for some Music Messages – Poetry and Music….
“Music & Poetry – English & Arabic”
FRIDAY 27 JAN 2017 at 6.30PM | TICKET: £10
OUD MASTER Ahmed Mukhtar-FLAMENCO GUITAR Ignacio Lusardi Monteverde
POETRY Ahmed Aldosry and POETRY Agnes Meadows
A unique event fusing Middle Eastern music and Flamenco guitar with poetry and spoken word in a one-night-only cultural mix concert of Arabic and English rhythms and rhymes.

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Mukhtar In Barbican -London- On The Banks Of The Tigris

celebration of Iraqi music, featuring Farida Mohammad Ali, Yair Dalal and Ahmed Mukhtar
27 September 2012 / 19:30
Master oud player Ahmed Mukhtar Oud joins forces with flamenco guitaristIgnacio Lusardi MonteverdeThe Old Church, Stoke Newington in London, Friday 27th January for some Music Messages – Poetry and Music….

Mukhtar in Institute of Musical research in University of London

Source: Institute of Musical research

Institute of Musical research in University of London hosting:The Oud Master Ahmed Mukhtar

On Wednesday the 13th on Nov. 2013 at 5.00 Pm. more details:

In the Seminar Mukhtar will explain and show practically:Ajnas,’uqud and the traditional Maqam.


1-   What Maqam:

Every Maqam consists of 7 notes in each octave with the first note added to form the next octave up which makes the total number of notes 8. Each Maqam is divided into two main ‘Jins’ or a gender consisting of 4 notes each, barring certain rare exceptions. Each gender consists of a scale that is independent of the genders that follows or precedes it. This is what is referred to as tetrachords. For example, in Maqam Rast C (C – D – E half flat – F) is the first gender and (G – A – B half flat or flat depending whether one is ascending or descending the scale – C) is the second gender, we notice that the notes of each gender are independent of each other and are not shared.

2-   Interconnect Maqams.

3-      Primary and Secondary Genders(Jins)

4-      Maqams and Tetrachords as they are used – Process

 Ahmed Mukhtar:Master and Solo Oud, Composer, Teacher and Middle East Music Consultant, he released 5 CDs, participate with more the 20 international festivals and performed more that 300 concerts. Studied in Iraq, Syria and London where he granted his Master in Oud and music performance MMus.



AHMED MUKHTAR IN TEN- Royal Court Theatre


المؤلف الموسيقي أحمد مختار على العود المنفرد في المسرح الملكي بلندن اليوم الساعة 8.00

  Mukhtar- Royal Court TheatreA benefit evening of ten x ten pieces to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq – and to celebrate our enduring anti-warmovement. New plays, music, poetry, comedyand performance from – to date – Nick Bailey,Richard Bradbury, Aidan Casey, Janie Dee,Stella Duffy, Brian Eno, Alan Franks, Peter Kennard,Muzz Khan, Shappi Khorsandi, Roger Lloyd-Pack,Peter Lynam, David Mumeni, Saadi Yusef, Shelley Silas, Ralf Togneri, Tim West,Ahmed Mukhtar, surprise guest.

Sunday 7 April 6pm

Tickets from £20. To book phone 020 7565 5000 or

go to

Royal Court Theatre London

Royal Court Theatre

50-51 Sloane Square, London, Greater London SW1W 8AS 

Mukhtar plays Maqamat concert in Brussels 2-2-2013

10 January 2013 – Ahmed Mukhtar

Maqamat concert in Brussels   The type of music that will be performed in the Maqamat concert, stems from the spirit of the Iraqi Maqam music and relays on Arabic and Middle Eastern musical forms, those forms have special way of playing in Iraq comparing with the way of playing them in the rest of the Middle East countries, that’s because the Maqam in Iraq has a characterized performance style and usually been played differently from other region countries because of several advantages and reasons, Firstly: the Maqam in Iraq is a melodic structure mixed with some improvisation also has introduction, middle and endings, those are pre composed musical sentences , Secondly , some of the Maqams have a changeable tonic and not stable main notes, while that is unacceptable in other countries who plays scales and Maqams, thirdly: other Maqams in Iraq are scales with special musical intervals whom haven’t been known in other music of the regional countries, and that’s exactly what the artistes will perform on the Oud by soloist Master Ahmed Mukhtar , Brussel concertViolin/ Oud by the Master Kalid Mohamed Ali and the master of the Qanoon Hassan Falih, when they will perform selective Taqasim on the distinguishes Maqams like, Maqam Lami and Khanabat by Mukhtar and Maqam Mokhalf and Awj by Ali and Falih and other Maqams. In addition to that, the audience will listen to some of the compositions based on musical heritage forms such as Sama’ai Baghdad on Maqam Kurds and Sama’ai on Maqam Hijaz Madmi by Mukhtar, also Ali will play some compositions like Shod Araban and Sama’ai Maqam Nahawand, these compositions are based on old Maqams and traditional rhythms of the Iraqi and Middle East music. Ahmed Mukhtar the Composer and Oud Master Was born in Baghdad where he studied the Oud and Arabic music, later he studded and graduated from Damascus conservator, 2005 he granted Master degree in Oud and Middle East Music from SOAS university of London. He performed in more the 300 concerts and festivals over the world. 2009 He was granted (Alhambra) Award for Excellence under auspices of the Queen of Britain.Mukhtar has released four CDs produced by the ARC Music international Company, also recently in 2012 he finished his 5th CD which his composition and playing reflects Oud’s history, its sensations and its mysticism.   Michael Church the music citric in the Independent newspaper said about Mukhtar: The unfretted Oud may be the hardest of all instruments to play, with its delicately flattened intervals, but Mukhtar extracts magic: he can make it dream, gallop, or thunder, and he uses silence to great effect also he focusing at soul of playing not just the techniques Khalid Mohammed Ali The master and composer was born in Iraq-Mosul city that marked by musical performance and great music heritage across hundreds of years, he finished his studies and education there. Some of his distinguish pieces became very well known in the region. He has released five CDs produced by international Companies in Dubai where he works and teaches today. Khalid Mohammed Ali (violin/Oud) and the Qanoon Master Hassan Falih studied with well-known masters in Iraq, also they began working together since 1985 and both are granted many awards, also started to teach since 1991  . Hassan Falih the Qanoon Master now the orchestra conductor of renowned singer Kadim Al Sahir and working in Dubai. He has granted award of best Qanoon player in Arab world for 2005. He has released 2 CDs produced by international Companies in Dubai also the 3rd was accompanied Kalid Mohamed Ali What will make the concert really interesting and distinguished that the three musicians are not relying on technical playing as many musicians do nowadays, but the spirit and soul playing are their main target, also to approach expressive feeling of the Maqamt and of themselves. The Music will be preformed takes you to the cafes, alleys and minarets of Baghdad and all Iraq.

31 May 2012

A celebration of Iraqi music and of the power that music has to unite people across religious boundaries and national borders. This concert brings together superb Iraqi musicians and their ensembles – the leading Maqam exponent Farida Mohammad Ali (now resident in Holland), c
omposer, violinist and oudplayer Yair Dalal (an Iraqi Jew from Israel) and

the London-based oud player and composer Ahmed Mukhta